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AMG Alpoco UK Limited (Alpoco) is a world leader and major producer of air and gas atomized aluminum powders, aluminum alloy powders and aluminum granules.

Alpoco holds a unique position within the aluminum industry, thanks in large part to our state of the art equipment for both closed and open circuit powders, coupled with one of the largest production capacities in the world the company continues to remain the market leader supporting all major space and defense programs around the globe.

The company began manufacturing aluminum powders in 1940, at Birmingham in the UK, when Metal and Alloys, the former parent company, became a supplier of coarse powders for military applications.  In 1969 Alpoco was incorporated and in 1970 a powder atomizing facility was established on a new site at Holyhead, North Wales.

From humble beginnings, Alpoco now supplies high purity powders for pigments, metallurgical, and chemical applications, by using superfine spherical and irregular shaped micron sized powders to meet critical requirements.

Through our extensive research and development programs, our products continue to evolve, which allows us to broaden the range and complexity of industries now served. Similarly, by encouraging joint research projects with our suppliers and customers we ensure additional on going product development, which enables Alpoco as well as our customers to stay on top of a ever evolving marketplace.

In conclusion, Alpoco remains a versatile, accomplished and independent producer of a complete range of specialized aluminum, aluminum alloy powders and granules to serve an ever expanding need.