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As an environmental leader in recycling waste streams, AMG Vanadium provides a comprehensive and environmentally safe solution for the processing of metal containing residues from power plants and refineries to produce alloys which are used in structural and stainless steels.

We are a partner to North America’s metals and refinery industries, offering an environmentally responsible “full-circle” solution that promotes the intelligent use and conservation of natural resources.  No liquid waste is generated through our proprietary pyrometallurgical process which is a major achievement in comparison with solutions employing hydrometallurgical process steps.

Raw materials are safely warehoused onsite in one of our enclosed storage facilities. Metal-bearing raw materials – including fly ash and virtually all types of hydroprocessing catalysts – are processed directly into finished alloying products. This eliminates the environmental risks associated with land disposal. For spent catalysts in particular, this permanent disposition is much safer than landfill solutions.